Whatever happened to 'The Lady'?


In a generation where 'sit up straight' or 'put your legs together' are rarely heard, ‘The art of being a lady' is lost. Once, I sat across a female who happened to be chewing her gum out loud while rolling her eyes simultaneously, and sitting with her legs wide apart, I asked myself what happened to our ladies of today? In our society, the definition of a lady has been confused, anybody can be a woman but being a lady has become a matter of choice, education and discretion. In the past, most women if not all, cherished the idea of being thought of as ladies, unfortunately it seems that idea has been long forgotten. I know wanting to learn 'how to be a lady' in modern times may seem unnecessary and uncool, when it is more fashionable to emulate our modern day superstars like Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears etc

Misconceptions of 'The Lady'?

A lady is too feminine:  She doesn't play sports or can’t be in a male-dominated industry

A lady is not sexy because she wears respectable clothing

A lady is boring, is not carefree and free spirited

A lady is stuffy and stuck up

A lady is too old fashioned 

A lady has to wear heels


Who is 'The Lady'?

A lady is she who holds herself and others in high esteem, who makes other people feel at ease around her. Whether by a conscious effort or instinct, being a lady helps in feeling assured and confident. She knows what to do in every situation whilst being gracious and courteous. These traits in a lady keeps her in the hearts and minds of everyone she comes in contact with. Being a lady has nothing to do with your status or wealth.

Whatever field of industry you find yourself in, truth is the more you act like a lady, the more you bring out the gentleman-side of the men in your life, whether it is a spouse, partner, colleague, or friends.

Being a Lady brings admiration, which in turn draws people closer to you and makes you a favorite with regards to dealings in life and business.

When you behave like a lady, you feel more beautiful and will feel at ease and secured with yourself; you do not have to be loud to be heard.

Being a lady is about being kind. It is also about choosing to believe the best in others and yourself.

That being said, please we do not need ladies chewing gums out loud, picking their nose in public, sitting with their legs far apart especially when they are wearing skirts. Let’s be more civil.

The 'Lady' is still very relevant!

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