Wedding Etiquette: Please don't do these at weddings!

The Wedding season is upon us and the chances that you will be going for a wedding this season is pretty high, why not we go over common wedding guest faux pas so we know to avoid them when gracing a wedding occasion.

Faux Pas 1: Bringing children to an Adults only Reception. When your invitation states "Adults Only" please leave the kids at home.

Faux Pas 2: Using your cell phone during the ceremony or letting your phone ring during the ceremony. Please put your phone on silent during the ceremony and let attention remain on the couple.

Faux Pas 3: Bringing a large gift to a wedding venue. This gives the couple the task of transporting the gift back home. instead of bringing it to the venue, its best to ship the gift directly to the couples home

Faux pas 4: Drinking too much. Getting drunk in a wedding is a no-no. a few cocktails is great but please know your limit. 

Faux Pas 5 Using the wrong cutlery and not understanding table place settings. Don’t use another persons cutlery or glass. it disorganizes the order of the table. Remember that your drink is to your right and your fork to the left.

Faux pas 6: Not responding to an RSVP request. This happens time and time over when people show up at weddings and their names are not on the guest list but the couple did invite them to RSVP. Rather than show up without or responding late, RSVP ASAP and please indicate if you will be coming with a plus-one.

Faux pas 7: Making loud noises during ceremony. The ceremony isn't really a time to play catch up with friends. Let us leave that for the reception. 


Faux pas 8: Cutting the line at the buffet table. its not ok to cut the line at the buffet for any reason. other people might be hungrier than  you.

Faux pas 9: Posting pictures of the invitation on social medias or sharing photos of the couple  before they have a chance to do so. 

Faux pas 10: Taking photos with phones and iPads while photographers are present. Please don't get in the way when photographers are trying to do their job.

Faux pas 11: Being overdressed or under dressed like wearing jeans instead of a formal attire. Never try to out-do or outdress the bride like wearing white.

Faux Pas 12: Having dessert before dinner when it clearly states "deserts after dinner' please follow the instructions and have desserts after dinner.

Please drop your comments below or experiences below. Thank you for reading :D.