Valentines day Etiquette

Calling all the Romantics out there,

Its love, love, love in the air and couples are thinking of ways to show love and appreciation.

Remember the goal of the season is to show appreciation for that special someone in your life and you do not have to break the bank to do that.

The little things....

Cook a truly special meal for two with nicely lighted candles, soft music playing in the back ground, you can even play ‘your song’ over dessert. Be sure to wear a very nice outfit that shows that you gave some thought to the day.

Make time to give full attention. Everyone loves the true feeling of feeling special and making sure that 100 percent of your time is devoted to your special partner and it is worth the time spent. So please no phones, no iPads no devices, keep eye contact and maintain intimate smiles.

Make a great picture collage of great times you have both shared and write letting that know how much you love and appreciate them.

Cards!!! i'm a great lover of cards, particularly blank cards that allows you express yourself as much as you want to. It’s a simple way to let that person into your heart

Gentlemen can also make the day truly special by ordering a cupcake with her name on top of it.

Chivalry is King on this kind of day as well. ..Gentlemen please open the door, hold out the chairs. Go the extra mile, Make that Lady feel like she is the center of your affection.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Have a great Love Holiday.