5 Ways To Decorate Your Home Elegantly

Today’s special guest blog post comes from Ify Etuokwu, lead stylist and founder of Ella Grace Interiors. Ify provides great tips on how to decorate your home elegantly and we hope you enjoy her post as much as we do!


When my dear friend and etiquette extraordinaire, Chi Okeke, invited me to write a guest post on her blog, I was both thrilled and honored!! She and I have become great friends over the last year and I have SO enjoyed seeing “Elan Etiquette & Protocol” grow and mature into what it is now a much loved blog by so many people.

She has asked me to share some of my favorite tips on “decorating your home elegantly”, something I know a thing or two about since I’m an Interior Stylist and my passion is to create spaces that reflect the character, style, & personality of the people living there. I truly enjoy helping others discover their design style!

Now, if you’re like me, my home is my sanctuary. It is an extension of who I am. Therefore, the process of creating an elegant home is truly a subjective endeavor! If you’re someone who loves elegance, then you are attracted to all things sophisticated, stylish, and chic. In other words, you want a well-designed home with a polished look that’s timeless, glamorous, and luxurious. That being said, making your home elegant doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank. Style this refined can absolutely be achieved on a budget and by following the basic principles of simplicity, good taste, and quality over quantity

Ready to begin? Here are my 5 tips to decorating an elegant home!


                                                                                                              alexander james

                                                                                                             alexander james

Changing a paint color is the cheapest and fastest way to update your room. To achieve a luxurious feel, go for a monochromatic color scheme with understated hues such as silvery gray or earthy brown. This will add instant glam to your home. For the adventurous with a flair for the dramatic, paint interior doors black and add a couple of black accessories to tie the room together. 


                                                                                                                Michael Abrams

                                                                                                               Michael Abrams

Window treatments “dress up” your windows, and they're essential to creating that glamorous look in your space. Stick with elegant materials such as natural silk and cotton. If you incorporate pillows in your design, make them large and over stuffed with down-filled pillow inserts. For a more traditional look, embellish damask, brocade, and velvet fabrics with tassels or fringe.  


                                                                                                             B ruce Norman Long

                                                                                                           Bruce Norman Long

If window treatments dress up your windows, then crown moldings dress up your ceilings. They’re perfect for highlighting the architecture of your home, bringing the ceiling and walls together for a refined look. Go for the widest width allowable within your budget.


                                                                                          Uttermost Vanalen 5 Light Chrome Chandelier

                                                                                         Uttermost Vanalen 5 Light Chrome Chandelier

I can’t stress the importance of having good lighting! It truly makes or breaks the ambience in a room. The three basic types are: ambient (known as general lighting), task (helps you perform specific tasks), and accent (adds drama to a room). For a sophisticated feel, include chandeliers as part of your design plan. They add style and elegance to any room.


                                                                                        Threshold™ Ceramic Rope Bowl Gold

                                                                                       Threshold™ Ceramic Rope Bowl Gold

Choose gold, silver, or other metallic hues for rich elegance. Shiny decorative accents such as mirrored trays and stylish mercury vases add instant pizzazz to any decor. Be careful however to stay away from anything that feels cheap or looks off in your home. 

So there you have it... those are my tips! Hopefully, this inspires you to begin your design journey and decorate your home elegantly. Which tip is your favorite? I would love to hear from you!