Spring break Etiquette

Before I begin today's post, I want to take a moment to appreciate everyone who read my blog and took time out to write to me. For some of my readers who told me that they used my tips and advice, you have made all this worth the while...Thank you so much. Without further ado,  spring break is around the corner... I bet some people cant wait for that break. 


But lets keep the following tips in mind while we go about our much needed break

Set up a budget and Stay within your budget limit

Whether you intend to fly to Europe, or take a road trip with some friends, its good to have a budget saved up and set out before travelling that you shouldn't exceed. This should cover your needs of food, shopping, fun and some miscellaneous. Remember without a budget you might spend on unnecessary things and come back feeling like you had robbed your bank account.

Ensure you take some time for yourself

Spring break is already stressful as it is, friends backing out of plans last minute, some friends coming down with a flu, or you lose some of your items, ensure in all of this you find some time to truly relax and have some fun. Ensure that you have a well thought out schedule of events you intend to do. They should be realistic as well. Remember that a stressed you is likely going to be a rude you. 

Social media alert

When you are having a party of a lifetime remember that photos, posts might be flying on social media.  Ensure you take great care to ensure that pictures of you in a questionable fashion might not be what you need your future employers to see. A general rule of thumb...don’t post anything that that you wouldn't want anyone to see.

Say your Thank you's

Should you be staying over at your friends house, a family owned resort house, always remember to thank them for letting you stay over at their place. this small act can often be ignored but it is always appreciated anytime. You can consider leaving a thank you note somewhere it can be seen by the host just letting them know that you appreciate them letting you stay and you had a good time.

Have a great Holiday.

You can send me your etiquette awkward moment questions and I will be sure to answer them.