Social Media : Using or Abusing?

The world has become truly small and communication has mostly become digital. With the advent of social media, digital communication has become a quick way to interact with different people across the world.

But are we using social media platforms properly or are we abusing?

Here are a few things most of us are guilty of:

Facebook:  Social platform where most faux pas seems to occur

Status updates

Have some respect for your network; your network of friends should not be tormented with you...

  • Posting vaguely - write clear and constructive posts on your Facebook updates
  • Sharing too much information on how your day is going, weather changes, foods you are eating, shows you are watching etc. Rather post relevant information
  • Posting too frequently
  • Complaining always about work or school - understand that recruiters, employers, teachers are also on social media.


Sharing and tagging photos of friends and families is always great. However, care should be taken when tagging. It’s a good practice to let the other party know you intend to tag them in your photo. Some people are not comfortable sharing their whereabouts, parties or events. If they decline to be tagged, then let their desires be respected.

If you are tagged in a photo you don't want to be in, you can simply un-tag yourself or if you do want it online at all, nicely ask the person to remove it.

Walls and privacy

This is one blunder that people usually don’t know they commit on Facebook. Avoid posting links, images, or whatever on peoples Facebook walls without asking them for permission. It is their wall, their feed and they need to be aware of what’s being shared on their wall to know if what you are sharing is in line with their image, values or thoughts. People might seem to get away with it, but it doesn't make the act right. it can offend the people whose wall you are violating.

Pages and likes

If you invite someone to like your page, you are not under obligation to like theirs if you don’t want to. It is a nice gesture to do but if the page you are being asked to like is not what you need to promote, by all means you can ignore the request.


Twitter on the other hand is a more relaxed social media platform than Facebook nonetheless, care should be taken when posting as you know that whatever you post is for the public consumption. A good rule of thumb here is not to post anything you don’t want to surface later. Also be careful of oversharing on twitter too.

Don’t forget to show respect on all social media platforms. Avoid being disrespectful,rude or saying hurtful things just because you are hiding behind a device.

In the end, the best thing to remember is that these sites are public. Even if you’re extremely careful with your privacy settings, it’s best not to post anything that you wouldn't want your grandmother or your boss to see. Your potential boss might just be looking over your social media profile.