Six ideas to cultivating executive presence.

Some people walk into a room and they are noticed immediately: mostly because of the kind of presence they carry. They have the IT factor, we can identify people who have IT; something about them that carries a presence that attracts positive attention.

In the business world, it is termed executive presence. Its the ability to send messages that you are confident, competent and credible. People who develop these skills become executives, influencers, charismatic leaders. Creating this type of presence does not just happen, it is practiced and learned over time. These ideas can help you cultivate your presence in whatever industry you find yourself and help you boost your personal brand.

1.       Pay attention to your body language and posture: It’s important to note that you cannot have a bad posture and body language and command the authority or influence that you seek. Body language, good posture and deportment are great influencers to having a great executive presence. Carry yourself properly when walking, don’t look down when walking, avoid negative posture styles such as slouching, slumping etc.

2.       Connect effectively: Show empathy, use eye contact to engage and connect with your audience. This communicates trust.

3.       Dress for the way you want to be addressed: Do you want your message to be taken seriously and with authority? Pay attention to your dressing and dress appropriately. Good grooming and smart dressing is important here. Avoid dresses too tight as a lady and sloppy dressing for men should be avoided.

4.       Pay attention to how you speak: How you say what you want to say goes a long way to show how much you know about what you are talking about and how credible you are. It’s important to enunciate your words, speak clearly and concisely; eliminate junk words such as err, uhm from your speech as this reduces your credibility.

5.       Know your stuff: There is a confidence that comes when you know what you are talking about and can engage confidently on that subject. When you add the tips above to this tip you will sound more confident, and send messages that you are an authority and are credible.

6.       Be true to you and improve where you need to: It’s important to let YOU shine through. People can spot a fake any time. Be authentic to who you are and your abilities. Practice consistently. The ability to connect effectively, exude calmness under stress, and communicate properly even when upset sets you apart. Simply by being aware you can start taking note of what you need to improve about you

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