Simple adjustments to be more successful in 2017

With New Year resolutions and goals that you have made this year which might include being more successful than last year; this can be measured by different metrics defined by you, however, according to Harvey Coleman: Empowering yourself, the organizational game revealed, Career success is based on three key factors;

 - Performance

-  Image

-  Exposure


I’m going to pitch my tent on how paying attention to IMAGE can make you more successful this year. IMAGE includes dressing, talking and carrying yourself to align with where you want to go or your goals for the year.

It has been said that when you dress well, you feel well and you work well. It does something to your overall well-being. Chances are if you don’t look the part of a leader, you’re not likely to be given the role.

While it is true that appearance is a personal matter, it is perceived that looking well ennobles self-confidence. Not only is your confidence effected by your clothes, but people make snap judgments about your abilities based on what you’re wearing.

You have to be the package if you are going to get to where you want to go. You can’t say you are ready for a promotion and come to work wearing loopy belts or shoes that don’t cut it; neither can you be ready for a promotion but you are dressed like you are going to the store, it just shows that you don’t care. Of course if you are the CEO you can set your standard for your industry but if you are want to rise up the ranks, then you have to dress the rank you desire

Groom nicely – you always want to give the impression that you are ready for the next level. Avoid tacky nails, bad breadth body odors etc. Grooming shows that you care about and you respect yourself.

Dress for the position you are aiming for this year. Observe those who currently occupy the positions you aspire and use it as a template, and make it yours. Be authentic but make sure it is suitable for the role you are aspiring to. The ultimate goal is to get your mind, your behavior and all of your being to act like the position you desire and attract it.

Don’t wait until you get that letter from head office before you get started. Start now.

Cheers to a more successful you!