Phone Etiquette: Dark for dinner!

 It is not uncommon to frequently see couples eating out in restaurants, where both are on their mobile phones either talking or texting between dishes - and sometimes even while their partner is eating, in which case they catch up when that partner finishes and picks up their phone. How about texting while in a business meeting, walking, phones chiming in the theater? The list of bad phone manners goes on. It's not really surprising that relationships get ruined

While phones are a great tool for communication in our modern world, they are eroding ‘quality relationships.’ These devices now control lives rather than its use being controlled by people. 

The No 1 phone etiquette is to give attention to the person in front of you. It will surprise you how much message is lost when you pick up your phone to Instagram or update your status on Facebook, when you were texting during a business meeting or a date. 

Previous studies have revealed young adults send on average 109.5 texts a day, or approximately 3,200 messages a month. They receive an additional 113 texts and check their phones 60 times in a typical day and students spend about seven hours a day interacting with information and communication technology.

As a culture, we’ve got a crisis of attention. we’re becoming a distracted culture... one distracted from one another. What we are losing of ourselves, of our relationships to one another is our humanity
— Joe Krauss

With such culture being present reality, many feel empty when they are not with their phones even when there are people with them. I found this ad on TV and it drives home the message for this post. Put away all devices and be more present.

Your challenge: Find out what you will learn when you keep your phones away. #BeMoreHere.

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