It is that time of the year! 6 etiquette tips for a stress-free holiday season

The Holiday season is around the corner, with festivities and holiday traditions ranging from thanksgiving, office parties, gift exchanges, religious festivities; the holiday offers time for friends and loved ones to connect.  Even though it is a season to be merry, many people get stressed at this time of the year. Here are some tips to avoid stress levels from going up,

  • You are more important: It is easy to lose yourself in this season with the shopping, hosting, 'attending', etc. Make out time for you so you can refresh and determine not to be overwhelmed
  • Say No: With throngs of invitations flowing into your mailbox inviting you for dinners and parties, volunteer activities etc... It is OK to say No when you really can’t make it and don’t feel bad about it. Make this season count and choose what will mean more to you
  • Avoid financial stress: Make a list this season for everyone you want to shop for before leaving for the store. This will help keep you in check with your budget. Put thought into all gifts you intend to purchase not cost.

  •  Plan Plan Plan: If you intend to host this season, do not feel the need to over work yourself, decide in advance your guest lists and send them out in advance. Delegate responsibility of catering if you really can’t because of your work schedule or any other reason. The point of the gathering is to enjoy those you are spending time with. 
  • About that 'tradition': Some people dread the holiday as they have to keep up with the tradition that comes with the holiday. If keeping your traditions causes you stress, then it is ok to change, modify it. Figure out a better way of doing things and don't be so stuck and stressed with trying to keep a tradition. This may be hard for some people but it will keep your stress level down.
  • Travel: If traveling this season, keep in mind that the season comes with unfriendly skies: so in the event that there is a delay or things don’t go your way, you will be calm and won’t be in the number of travelers exhibiting bad etiquette.  

Please follow us, as we will be posting several tips to make this season a merry one. Let’s keep a thankful attitude this season.

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