Holiday Etiquette: 3 ways to set your table this season.

The holiday season is a time to be merry with family and friends characterized with lots of food, fun and laughter. Anyone could decide to entertain and host friends and family.  Learning to set your table makes dining fun and enjoyable. This simple info-graphic created by proflowers on three ways to set our dinner table this season is a guide to helping you create the table you would like.

No matter the level of fancy you will like your table to be set, there are some general rules that apply to setting to your table and you won’t go wrong following these guidelines:

1.       Your knives and spoons are always on the same side: your right side;

2.       Your forks are on your left;

3.       Arrange your utensils in the order you will be using them for example, if you will be serving salad first, the salad fork should be on the extreme left of your plate;

4.       Glasses should be arranged in order of their use and placed directly above the utensil on the right;

5.       All knife blades should be facing towards the plate and forks should be placed with their prongs facing upwards .

Differences between informal and formal dining:

  • The informal table settings has minimal tableware while the formal table setting has lots of table ware;
  • The silverware is usually placed at the same time at the informal table setting while in a formal setting they are removed and added as needed;
  • The informal ware can be used for up to 3 course meals while the formal table setting can be used for up to 8 course meals;
  • Rules for informal dining are less than formal dining.

Follow our next post to decorate your table for the season so you can be merry as you want.

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