Floral Arrangement Etiquette to remember this Thanksgiving

floral proflowers.png

Do you have your table set for thanksgiving but wondering what else it could use to make your table elegant?  A flower arrangement is a perfect way to elevate your dinner. Here are some tips and suggestions to follow:

1. Bouquet size is entirely up to you! Just keep in mind the size of your table and number of guests invited—you don't want to hinder conversation by forcing guests to talk around a large arrangement.

2. Tall arrangements can even obstruct your guests' view of one another! Try keeping it low enough so there can be eye contact.



3. Aromatic flowers are great for the home, but not so great during meal time. Avoid flowers with a strong fragrance like gardenias, hyacinths, and lilac.

4. If you choose lilies or other high pollen flowers, be sure to pluck their stamens to avoid dropping pollen onto food or tablecloths.

5. Think outside of a traditional vase. Items like mason jars and small containers can make for a perfect vessel.

Special Thanks to Julissa Garcia for her contribution to this post.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please feel free to share this post and be merry!